a lot of people who want to start a business, many people do not know what a good choice of items in the business, for the majority of entrepreneurs, everyone in the choice of entrepreneurial projects, priority is the apparel industry. As the saying goes, clothes are the basic necessities of life, in the first place, to the people’s importance is self-evident. Start a clothing store, we must choose a good brand, so as to bring better returns. So, how to choose a brand to join the brand.

a, the election of the brand

how to choose clothing brand? Selection of the brand is very important for clothing agents, if the wrong brand, the future development is difficult to be guaranteed. Choose the brand must first recognize their own strength, the possibility of operating brand of course benefit is relatively large, the risk is relatively small; but the brand business threshold is relatively high, delivery discount is relatively high, the return policy is often more demanding, you need to have strong financial strength to do the backing. If your own strength is not enough, you can not get the right to equal dialogue with the big brands, may be at a disadvantage in the negotiations. But also to understand the brand of the boss’s business ideas, whether to create the brand’s determination, but also to understand whether the brand has a professional marketing team, etc..

two, scientific planning

if the novice, in the initial state, to concentrate on to do a brand, should avoidmaking; if we already have a certain strength, we can take into account the operation of multiple brands, but be careful, don’t run similar style very serious brand, try to choose a different style, different positioning of the brand, but also can the effective combination according to their characteristics, may have unexpected harvest. Also, you should pay attention to the brand’s product characteristics, whether it is in line with the characteristics of your region’s consumer preferences and habits. Many brands of products sold in the south, in the north market will not necessarily have an advantage, the north and south of China female body size is very different.

three, control network

you know, the sales network is a tool for your survival and development, but some clothing manufacturers may look at fiercely as a tiger does on your network. Therefore, we must strictly control their own network, improve their loyalty, so that your network will always go with you rather than with the manufacturers brand.

four, recognize the manufacturer

to identify the relationship with the manufacturers, so it is conducive to flexible decision-making. If mismanagement, manufacturers will be considered to replace you, if the business was very good, clothing manufacturers may also have a recovery operation right, and to set up branch offices, etc., the profits for himself, because many regional manager garment manufacturers are trying to replace you, it must be recommended

How to choose how to join the brand to join the brand

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