first_img… now bedridden, unable to provide for 7 childrenA farmer of Mashabo Village, Essequibo, Region Two (Pomeroon-Supenaam), who was mercilessly beaten by three of his nephews, remains bedridden while the suspects walk scotch free. Forty-four-year-old Ivan Williams suffered a displaced spinal cord, hip and other injuries to his rib cage as a result of the beating he received on February 10.His wife, Beverly Williams, is now frustrated due to the fact that her husband is at home and cannot provide for his seven children.The woman explained that on the day of the incident, she and her husband were heading to another shore to collect cassava bread and as they were passing Williams’ eldest brother’s home, one of the suspects threw a stone in their direction, hitting her husband.An argument ensued and it was at that time, another brother emerged from the yard and started to assault her and her husband.In defending his wife, Williams and one of the men got into a scuffle during which a third brother appeared and started kicking him to his ribs and other parts of his body. The ordeal lasted for about 20 minutes and no one rushed to their rescue. Her brother-in-law, she noted, stood in his house and looked on as his sons beat their uncle mercilessly. He later told her that his wife had locked him in the house.However, the injured Williams was picked up and taken to the Suddie Public Hospital where he was admitted due to the severity of his injuries. A report was made to the Aurora Police Station and Police ranks visited the area to take statements but never returned.The woman noted that the three suspects who were all under the influence of alcohol at the time of the beating did not sleep at home for close to one week following the incident because they were afraid of being locked up by the Police.Now that her husband cannot help himself, she is forced to take care of her children, a task which is extremely hard, since her eldest daughter in now in secondary school and has to travel on a daily basis.The woman further recalled that her husband was supposed to return to the interior on February 11. According to her, he was already packed and ready to go but instead ended up in hospital.The woman is calling on the relevant authorities to intervene in the matter, claiming that her husband could have been a dead man. She explained that the Police ranks took statements and promise to investigate the matter but to date, justice is yet to be served. (Bhisham Mohamed)last_img

Mashabo farmer beaten by nephews

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