at present, entrepreneurship has reached a climax, to become a new way of life, to a certain extent, the different entrepreneurial projects will affect the success of entrepreneurship. So, in such a competitive environment, how to choose the venture? Xiaobian bring you to understand!

* A: industry personality in the mature market and competition intensifies, did the traditional retail space is very limited, popular a few years ago that "follow the trend of entrepreneurship" is already very few market. The shop is only in the pursuit of individuality in the efforts to attract customers critically; only has a distinct personality, in order to make your shop in the fierce competition in talent shows itself in competition at the same time, reduce development space. At present in the domestic market, personalized concept can be divided into two kinds, one is commodity individuation, mainly holds the characteristics of novelty, consumers change as offbeat and stylish, personalized products of the one and only one shop; personalized, from the cultural conception to win consumer identity.

* two: industry healthy environmental protection green business health is a broad concept, and from the existing market development situation, is still in the initial stage, it can be opened for entrepreneurs, and mining money "well" is not hard to find. However, if you want to start selling health as a starting point, but the threshold is not low. Entrepreneurs in healthy living ideas, understand the latest developments in the health of the consumer market, and master of professional knowledge, for example, such as open dietotherapy restaurant knows the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine.

What projects to join the most profitable

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