now stall a lot of friends, when many people focus on the University City, have you considered a kindergarten? The competition is relatively small, like the profit of money. So, how to set up a stall in order to earn money at the gate of the kindergarten? Let’s analyze it together.

so we’ll start from here to find a cartoon, cartoon elements, fun, to learn such a class of goods, it would be a much more. For example, with vivid animated characters picture books, and find different maze puzzles, copy, Handmade etc.. Or starting from the child’s current interest in drawing students into some animated character paintings, painting tools, for students to learn dancing, some lovely little shoes, into some simple dance videos, or several pieces are animated characters dance clothing etc..

took the child’s parents know, usually in the afternoon to pick up the kids, many children are shouting: I’m hungry. So when they are out of school, see the food, they do not want to go, must be wrapped around to buy. So this big market can not be ignored.

the problem is, we want to examine, now parents are willing to let their children eat what? Hot, will get angry, not! It’s too cold to be wet! Strange, not afraid to eat bad belly! Too sweet, not easy to decay! What do they like to eat from a child’s point of view? They like fresh, never tried, or sweet, or sweet, or pretty. Of parents

The gate of the kindergarten stall profitable opportunities

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