now want to get the customer’s recognition of the shop, want to let the business development is more prosperous, can be said to take a variety of means. In this paper, the small series recommended by means of the use of integral card, which for the development of the store but has a very good role, below, let us know about it.

my shop opened in the county on the west side of the relatively prosperous street, on the north side of 500 meters is the Wuqiao acrobatics world tourism scenic area, West and adjacent to Jingxian County, the only way which must be passed in front of the shop across the road is Wuqiao to Jingxian County. Ten years ago, when my shop just opened, the business is very prosperous, the average monthly income can reach more than 3000 yuan.

but with the county’s economic development and the construction of new rural areas continue to advance, especially in the last two years, built around a number of residential buildings, opened two or three community supermarkets, shops operating worse. The shop clerk employed within a year have left, two assistants are left 40 year old middle-aged people, every day, the store was very dull.

I used to spend money every month on a newspaper in the county seat, but there were still no new customers. In the past, I always thought that, as long as the shop sales of goods must be genuine goods at a fair price, to attract customers to the store to Everfount, not with the people, the shop business has been sluggish or.

after the calm thinking, I found, has been in the newspaper advertising investment money a lot, but so to customers is not many, not earn profits, so I just stopped advertising, not to use the savings, then look for new ways of publicity. One day, I went to a pharmacy in the county, see this pharmacy is engaged in promotional activities, many middle-aged and old people are queuing at the pharmacy door, with the membership card to receive the corresponding gift points.

I am so inspired, soon money printed some exquisite membership card, set up a membership system, to come to the store shopping consumers to send beautiful card, please visit the shop they are often a matter of conscience. In addition, I also printed leaflets, time clerk personally led two people from work, to the nearby community to extend, to every passer-by smile and transfer shop integrity services business philosophy.

payment card will really help the development of the store business? In fact, as long as the method is appropriate, will naturally have a great role in promoting the operation of the store. Slowly, the customer to the store gradually more up, customers feel the sincerity of the shop and quality service, have introduced their relatives and friends to patronize my store. Finally, my shop got out of the woods and started to make a profit.

Stores can provide customers with credit card

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