who is Stallman?

his early years at Harvard University, and entered the MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (MIT), to become a programmer. He and his colleagues set up a software sharing community, and programmers inside and outside the circle of programmers and technology to share the code, exchange of experience, together with the iterative development of software. Stallman was born in 1953 has already achieve success and win recognition.

and Stallman choice alone, and start the GNU operating system project, the development of a text editor such as Emacs core software, has gradually become the spiritual leader of the free software movement. He has also been known as "the father of free software, and many reputations, including the Macarthur prize, the Frontier Foundation Pioneer Award, and was elected to the National Academy of Engineering in the world, many universities honorary chair.

Stallman gives four criteria:

can according to their own wishes to rewrite the software, and to cooperate with others, for the re development of


free to spread distribution software;

free communication, distribute modified versions of the software.

"free software" means not only the developer will need to open source code, available to people in need, but also means that the software can not be used in subsequent iterations developer or enterprise that is not proprietary, non liberalization ". The mainstream concept of intellectual property rights conflict, and Stallman did not even acknowledge the existence of intellectual property rights, that it is a deception.

however, leading software development company in the big moment, the real "free" operating system and the application of less and less, basically limited to the GNU/Linux platform and related applications.

Do not use ThinkPad and

How Stallman evaluated Jobs

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