in today’s public business period, each local entrepreneurs can get the help of the government and social support, there are also many gratifying changes in the whole business in Shandong, Yanzhou has emerged as a new form of entrepreneurship.

9 on the evening of 5 August 8, Shandong Yanzhou new journey Agel Ecommerce Ltd chairman Fan Ximin still staring at the computer constantly busy, he must place the order as soon as possible delivery, rush in the distribution of 805 supermarket chains for second days before arrival at 8:40 in the morning to open all the shelves. "The listed company in May this year, there have been 805 electricity providers to join, a little mouse business is done," Internet plus "is a big trend, on the early start, it would not let go, general business must do first up." Fan Ximin told reporters on the side edge processing orders.

Before Shandong Yanzhou


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Yanzhou public entrepreneurship benefit nearly 200 thousand people

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