this is an era of entrepreneurship, college students in addition to employment has a choice of entrepreneurship, but also enjoy the full support of all parties to provide social support. The day before, "I want to start in the cup" contest held in Beijing, entrepreneurial talent show style.

12 at 23 am on the morning of nine am, the influx of people slowly into the auditorium, a gracious smile on the face. Haze is very heavy outside, visibility is very low, but did not affect the activities of the Grand Auditorium held, as the theme of the contest as the same business, even in the fog, but also keep moving forward.

The basic

At the same time China

then group director of the office of the National Federation of Central School Department Bai Zhenyao speech and look forward to the Academy of Sciences at the University of Chinese can develop more and more entrepreneurial talent, become a fertile ground for the entrepreneurship of College students.

shut off selection, layers of the race, who gets

pictures of the burning, the shock of the soundtrack, the next national science cup promotional video to make the audience almost everyone full of entrepreneurial full of excitement., to recommend

The second session of the National Science cup want to start a successful closing contest

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