our country is very important for entrepreneurship, not only will have a variety of preferential policies, there will be a contest to reward the outstanding. The day before the 3 days of the 2016 international innovation Expo opened at the Beijing National Convention center. The record is fair in China Federation of trade unions, the Communist Youth League Central guidance, CO sponsored by the state information center, the SASAC News Center, China Federation of industrial economics and other units, the international exhibition is held for the first time the theme of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Chinese working executive vice president and Secretary General Xiong Meng entitled "innovation is the revitalization of the real economy, the keynote speech" the powerful motive force to promote the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry. He pointed out that industry is the main battlefield of innovation, the main position of entrepreneurship. China’s current industrial development is facing double pressure steady growth and structural adjustment, steady growth, innovation and entrepreneurship is an important basis for preserving employment, is also the key factors of industrial transformation and upgrading of quality and efficiency, where is the way out for the development of industry. China in order to seize the initiative in the new round of development, the urgent need to gather innovative resources, convergence Entrepreneurial Dynamics, promote the steady rise of the industry to the high-end, which is the only way to build a powerful country.

bear dream executive vice president pointed out in his speech, the joint efforts of innovation and entrepreneurship boom to industry, enterprises and social level, China working as a joint organization of national industry association, has made positive exploration and Practice for promoting innovation and entrepreneurship. The future, China working will further promote innovation and entrepreneurship as an important starting point in the work, innovative thinking, innovative initiatives, providing innovative entrepreneurial services in providing financing, international cooperation, intellectual property, legal consultation, exchange of experience, training and guidance, etc., and actively build a platform, improve service double efforts, innovation and entrepreneurship to create a good ecological environment.

It is reported that

, the record fair exhibition area of over 16 thousand and 500 square meters, a total of "great craftsman", regional innovation, enterprise innovation, industry innovation, scientific and technological achievements in higher vocational colleges, the "double" training ten theme exhibition. Intelligent robot, graphene, drones and other things now standing on the outlet of high-tech, in the record fair are to be found; Chinese electronics, aerospace science and industry, Sinopec and other central enterprises, and Tencent, digital China, high energy environment and other well-known high-tech private enterprises will participate, is expected to have millions of viewers through online the line in the record fair.

and in the creation of the Expo opening time, but also organized other activities, the development of entrepreneurship in China will have a very big push. During the period, also held a new opportunity for innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum, forum, Youth League s service double country artisans — staff innovation development forum, 2017 annual car festival and the attitude of the youth of the first International Auto Expo innovation forum, the first university technology transfer forum and exhibition, international innovation Expo recommended

2016 international innovation and entrepreneurship Fair opened in Beijing National Convention Center

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