in recent years, the state support policies to encourage entrepreneurship, more ready to venture investors. In a good momentum of entrepreneurship today, how to grasp the opportunity to enhance the probability of success in business, each investor should be deeply considered things. Entrepreneurship requires more energy and more challenges. So in the face of the temptation of entrepreneurship environment, open the entrepreneurial journey, are you ready?

below, let’s do this test, consider the following 2 questions included in every aspect of entrepreneurial action in the field, if you to all the questions in the test, the answer is "". You can think you’re ready to start your journey.

NO1.  adaptive change

NO2.  select market

NO3.  build team

you can hire a technical, marketing, and other key personnel can complement your skills class team? Can you build a strong culture to motivate people to solve problems effectively?

NO4.  set target

NO5.  access to market share

NO6.  fund raising

Self-reliance until you get the paying customers to prepare

Are you really ready to start a business

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