in our daily lives because of electricity accidents occur, there will always be a few times a year, then, how to ensure the safety of electricity? Hunan Loudi began to reveal the new tactics! Since the power supply company customer manager to join our small owners of WeChat group, the customer manager issued information, electricity price policy, collecting electricity network, the power of information and knowledge of safe use of electricity in the group, let us feel the power company’s service is really hard, very good." On the national network of Loudi power company customer praise by WeChat group innovation service center home residential customers Wang Jin Yi sandalwood.

in recent years, with the popularity of smart mobile phone, many electricity customers usually work, life cannot do without mobile phone, the company customer center to seize the technical characteristics of the network technology, the use of WeChat group in the form of open mobile office platform, innovation promotion mode, expand the service channel, in a timely manner to provide customers with electricity information, information services and other convenient services. In order to make full use of this good platform to communicate with customers, the center is also a circle of friends to share WeChat, what is the cost control?" How to calculate the price ladder?" "How to save electricity and safe use of electricity?" And many other customers. This innovative move, in a very short period of time to get an unexpected effect, WeChat group a drop near the power sector and the power of the customer’s distance, WeChat group has become a new window to show the image of power supply companies.

how to ensure the safety of electricity? In real life, only to strengthen the guidance of the masses, in order to enhance the attention of the masses when electricity! "WeChat and customer communication, for us it is easy, but it is convenient for customers, but also strengthened our ties with customers, to make our services more efficient!" Account Manager Zou Feng said. It is reported that the center for the enterprise has also established a large customer WeChat group, through the WeChat platform to extend the service to the customer’s fingertips, the first time to reflect the needs of customers, the first time to provide electricity services.

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How to ensure the safe use of electricity in Hunan Loudi new tactics

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