the weather is cold, the ordinary cup of water is easy cold, water has become a very troublesome thing, this time we need to use the thermos cup to help, not only can keep the long-term temperature, but also warm your hands. The following for you to sort out the industry’s brand, let us come to know the ten thermal insulation Cup brand list.

ten heat preservation cup brand NO1- THERMOS THERMOS


THERMOS brand founded in Germany in 1904, English "THERMOS" derives from Greek, meaning "heat insulation", also represents the biggest advantages and features of THERMOS products. 1995 by the Hong Kong, Japan joint venture into China, was later acquired by a company in Taiwan. Now the main production of thermos cup, thermos cup, thermos and children stew pot.

ten heat preservation cup brand NO2- Tiger Tiger

Tiger was founded in 1923 in Japan, is a Japanese high quality vacuum bottles and consumer electronics products, including electrical bottles, rice cookers, such as the manufacture and sale of multinational companies. It has branches in Shanghai, China, Taiwan and North america.

ten insulation Cup brand ranking NO3- Pacino HEENOOR

Pacino was founded in Shanghai in 1999, Chinese local national brand. China high-end cup leading brand; founder of China technology cup and wonderful cup; China "double-layer cup industry standard drafting". The main production of stainless steel vacuum cups and glasses, in recent years has become the first brand of high-end National Cup pot, but also China’s most influential and potential pot enterprises.

ten insulation Cup brand ranking NO4- printed ZO JIRUSHI

is a manufacturer and distributor of high quality consumer electronics products including rice cookers, electric water bottles and vacuum bottles. It also has branches in Korea, mainland China, Taiwan, Hongkong, China and North america. Most listed on the Osaka stock exchange, but not listed on the Tokyo stock exchange. The main production of stainless steel insulation Cup, rice cooker, vacuum flask and other products.

ten insulation Cup brand ranking NO5- haers

vacuum vessel HALS Limited by Share Ltd formerly known as Zhejiang haers Industry & Trade Co., Ltd., founded in May 1996 August 2008, the company changed the whole set for Limited by Share Ltd. The company is mainly engaged in the research, design, production and sale of the vacuum insulated stainless steel utensils, including the vacuum cup, thermos flask (pot), the cup and other daily stainless steel insulation.


Ten heat preservation cup brand list

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