each entity set up shop at the beginning must carefully consider is the location problem for the catering industry, location is more important, take the restaurant popular sentence summed up the importance of the location, that is: the location of life and death. So many restaurants are very focused on this point. A lot of people choose to join the business of food and beverage, then the restaurant franchise in the location of the need to consider what?.

catering shop location skills

a, basic considerations

rent, terrain, floors, towards, planning, owners, visibility, housing structure, the neighboring shops, crowds, traffic, prosperous degree, professional market, business nature, business varieties and related policies are to be considered in the location when the need to consider these factors when the need to combine their location in the location. The site address, to consider such a problem, that is where their customers, identify the source, to choose which factors considered truly play its role.

two, do market research

population density, peak flow, the number of consumer education, profession, age structure, family structure and per capita income, family expenditure and consumption habits and many other factors, and these will have a very clear and accurate data, to give their restaurant franchise to make accurate reference, otherwise it is not the most accurate Resort to deceit. Give yourself digging.

three, shopping site

with the rapid development of the food and beverage industry, is now blocking the restaurant owner to open their own shop in the mall, because the mall is a large number of people directly, which is a very promising place. But here the best location, and the boss here, First come, first served., can occupy a favorable position. At the same time to choose their famous stores, otherwise difficult for consumers to buy it.

is the catering store location techniques, hoping to fight or into the food and beverage industry in the catering industry entrepreneurs help! What if you have other questions, please consult our website in the comments below.

Catering shop location skills

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