busy life rhythm, we finally ushered in the Spring Festival holiday 7 days, do not want to be disturbed at trifles, to eat these problems, more and more people tend to book online! With the Spring Festival approaching, the dinner on New Year’s Eve booking open, unlike in previous years, this year, more and more people favor with his family to suburban farmhouse tasting local flavor, taste more rich the dinner on New Year’s Eve. The city to the countryside to find "taste", go to the farmhouse to eat the dinner on New Year’s Eve gradually become a kind of fashion.

, the reporter saw in Xinjiang Changji Hutubi County Park Lake Village three village households Kim ancient elm farm, to order the dinner on New Year’s Eve customers in a continuous line. Customer Dai Shanggui said: "the new year is coming. We are all students from all parts of Xinjiang came back to us, we want to eat the characteristics of Xinjiang, the characteristics of Xinjiang, this dish is particularly good, we booked in advance, we come here we lively fun, we also intend to order the dinner on New Year’s Eve Spring Festival here."

in order to seize the market all the dinner on New Year’s Eve, Hutubi County farmhouse began to do the dinner on New Year’s Eve propaganda and reservation work in a month before the Spring Festival, explore new dishes, training staff, to prepare for the dinner on New Year’s Eve. Peasant leader Zhang Xiumei said: "from half a month ago to now basically already booked rooms, now is the first floor of the hall I’ll get some small screen to divide it into a small box can be set to the current order, more than a dozen tables, the table is up to a more than and 40 people from Urumqi, they are a family gatherings have come from Changji, and some are just the spring festival they have reunion, very much."

Zhang Xiumei said: "the big put our new some vegetable farm, traditional handicraft farm vegetables, cattle bones and boiled chicken is our main dish before, we launched the lamb burn ah, like the traditional dried vegetables, the grains set to face ah, has launched a new ancient elm surface that is the old tradition."

2017 the dinner on New Year’s Eve hot in booking, Xinjiang farmhouse welcome, let more people to eat healthy green food, bring more joy to the masses of consumers. In order to allow the general public to taste the characteristics of home cuisine, the farmhouse also launched the flagship dishes, so that the general public feel the return of his hometown, rustic rustic atmosphere. It is understood that since 2013, three artificial lake village in Xinjiang Changji Hutubi County Park Village households eswva Hui characteristics of farm construction, the village of more than and 200 people, farmhouse households reached more than and 20, at present, each farm in Ledu actively preparing for the dinner on New Year’s Eve.

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2017 dinner hot welcome in Xinjiang farmhouse reservation

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