want to do a good job of making money, of course, is the most basic needs of life from the beginning of daily necessities is essential to modern people’s life products, daily necessities store is the ideal choice for entrepreneurs. For investors, how to open a good daily necessities store? Also need to understand the following aspects:

1, textile, clothing and daily necessities

department stores, clothing, footwear, textiles, knitwear and raw materials, kitchen equipment (stove, cooking utensils, kitchenware, tableware, sanitary ware, daily groceries), cosmetics and health products, and other daily necessities (bags, watches, glasses, lamps).

2, cultural and sporting goods and equipment

stationery, sports goods, sports equipment, jewelry, crafts, postage stamps, and other stationery (photographic equipment, camera equipment, instruments, toys).

3, mineral products, building materials and chemical products

mineral products, mineral products, lubricants, metal materials, building materials, chemical products (excluding a class of precursor chemicals and dangerous goods), chemical fertilizer, agricultural film.

4, mechanical equipment, hardware and electronic products

mechanical and electrical equipment, automobile (excluding cars), motorcycle, automobile and motorcycle accessories, hardware, household appliances, computer, computer hardware and software and auxiliary equipment, communications equipment, metal products, transportation equipment, electrical machinery, electronic products, electronic components, instrumentation, refrigeration and air conditioning equipment.

5, other

medical equipment (only a class of medical devices), funeral supplies, furniture, decoration materials, flowers, goods, labor supplies, rubber products, plastic products, flowers, birds, insects and fish (excluding national protected animals and plants).

good commodity store location is very important

is best to find new communities, schools or entertainment nearby. Location is good, the profit is big, after opening the branch is easy.

open a good commodity store, how to determine the source of

You can go to the local

supply for general merchandise wholesale market, in addition to your sign out, will have the supplier come at this time, if you want cheap, you must pay in cash, which will occupy your money, but the price is cheaper price. The rest of the goods you can go to the surrounding large wholesale market to buy, looking for a fixed store recommended

Good commodity stores need to pay attention to what

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