Let grass-roots party organizations play a role in promoting development, serving the masses, the masses benefit, so as to promote regional economic development and social stability, which is the implementation of "an important task in four areas and five zones of Xining City, Xining city is also the" three basic "building a specific content. The provincial Party committee to strengthen the "three basic" building strategic plan for one year, Xining refinement identified 46 key tasks, as of now, Xining City, two years to see 46 key tasks effect "has completed 32, the completion rate was 70%.

Xining city in strengthening grassroots organizations, focusing on the implementation of the "project to promote" way to strengthen party building work, the integration of 439 million yuan of funds, the implementation of the "four zone five zone" project, to build 4 community party core area "and the" 5 Rural Party demonstration zone". According to the proportion of 5% inverted 50 rectified Party organizations, the implementation of the project funds 26 million 711 thousand yuan, the implementation of the "related units focus on rectifying the rectified Party organizations" project. Xining has created 4 non-public economic organizations party building business circle, as a whole to promote non-public economic organizations, the two coverage". Innovation to carry out the work of Party members into the community, double into the double four service activities. Rural areas in Xining city (community) have generally adopted the village cadres worksystem and "for the people service agent system". The first to carry out the field of Party building brand LIAN activities, the municipal level to build a wide range of covering the six major brands, to achieve the "one field and a brand a feature", establish and improve the people’s organizations in various fields. Education and training of Party members in different fields. The opening of "xiadou sound" radio program and "Xining party" and so on the WeChat platform.

in strengthening the basic work, has completed 10 tasks. The focus of the implementation of the municipal government institutional reform, re division of municipal government defines the responsibilities of various departments, the establishment of municipal public resources trading center, adjust the decentralization of 229 administrative examination and approval, the municipal approval for part of overall reduced 25%. City Finance Alone 2 million yuan a year to protect the basic party building key work. For the first time, according to the re definition of rural, mistress categories, and according to the village of 60 thousand yuan, 50 thousand yuan in the village, village 40 thousand yuan appropriated funding. The work of the community to raise funds to a class of 100 thousand yuan, the community of two categories of $80 thousand, and for the first time for each community to implement a special fund to serve the masses of 100 thousand yuan. Municipal fiscal year fixed 30 million yuan to focus on the creation of a number of high-quality demonstration community. Invested 480 thousand yuan to develop the party information network integrated management system". To promote the standardization of the basic work of the operation, to determine the ancient city of the city of Victoria Street office, West District, Kunlun Road East community for the province to sort out the work of the pilot units, has now completed the work of the basic work of the street community directory.

Xining city construction of key tasks in order to promote the integration of 439 million yuan to bui

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