11 22, approved by the provincial government, the Provincial Department of Finance and the provincial Commission by letter and other units initiated the establishment of a government led SME Investment Fund – Qinghai SME development fund established. Vice governor Wang Liming attended and spoke, the Secretary of the Ministry of small and medium enterprises Secretary Ma Xianghui speech.

SME development fund in Qinghai, the total size of 1 billion 200 million yuan of funds from the financial investment of $300 million leveraging social capital of $900 million. Beijing Kanbon Capital Management Co. Ltd. and Qinghai Cheng entrepreneurial Cci Capital Ltd for fund managers, the scale of 600 million yuan of funds, funds mainly invest in the field of new energy, new materials, bio medicine, high-end manufacturing, energy saving and environmental protection. This is the province to implement the national and provincial government on deepening the reform, optimize the allocation of resources, an important measure to promote the supply side structural reform spirit, the problems of small and medium enterprises to alleviate the financing difficulties, financing expensive in our province, to promote public entrepreneurship peoples innovation, enhance has positive role in the development of new energy.

Wang Liming pointed out that the province set up Development Fund for small and medium-sized enterprises, is an important practice of investment and financing system reform in the new situation, is to promote public entrepreneurship peoples innovation, reform and innovation to support major mode of small and medium-sized enterprises, will further stimulate the vitality of the province’s small and medium enterprises. Hope that the fund management team of scientific operation, continuously improve the efficiency and level, to ensure orderly funds standardized operation; strengthen and coordinate the development of the fund management department of the state of small and medium-sized enterprises, actively seek support, to jointly promote the fund to become bigger and stronger, and financial capital to play the amplification effect, make a positive contribution to promoting economic and social development in our province.


Qinghai SME development fund established

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