December 1st is the twenty-eighth World AIDS day". This year’s theme is "action, to’zero’towards AIDS", subtitled "anti AIDS efforts, shared responsibility, sharing the future". November 27th, the reporter learned from the Provincial Center for Disease Control and prevention held a forum to understand that the overall situation of the province’s AIDS epidemic was low trend, but in recent years, the rapid emergence of the AIDS epidemic trend. Particularly worthy of public vigilance is that in recent years, the number of young people living with HIV increased sharply. This year, 1-10 months, the national report of 2662 cases of young people infected with AIDS and patients, an increase of 27.8% over the same period last year. Next, young students are the focus of AIDS prevention and control work.Since

found the first case of AIDS in our province from 1998, to the end of October this year, the cumulative report of living in our province is the survival of HIV infected persons and patients in 1178 cases, 197 cases of reported deaths. The AIDS epidemic characteristics in our province also appeared some new changes, the spread of AIDS to the general population, route of transmission to sexual transmission, especially a sharp increase in the number of HIV infected msm. At present, the school AIDS prevention and control situation is grim. Colleges and universities to become AIDS prevention and control work can not be ignored in the position. From November 24th onwards, the provincial health education, education department, colleges in our province continue to carry out AIDS prevention and control knowledge into the campus activities, through lectures, panels and advisory activities, the popularity of AIDS prevention knowledge, arouse the young students on AIDS Concern, improve self-protection awareness, foster a correct way of life, social responsibility, spread the spirit of red ribbon, become the main force of disseminators of knowledge of AIDS prevention and control of aids.


Rise in HV infection among young students

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