July 11th, from Gansu, Xinjiang, Shaanxi and other provinces of the more than 200 Ancient Chinese Literature Search classic course teaching experts and teachers gathered in the City Xiao Quan primary school, in the 3 days of "Northwest primary school Ancient Chinese Literature Search classic curriculum planning teaching demonstration cum Training and learning, 17 primary school East District of our nearly 300 Chinese teachers gathered together hear from the Ministry of education, Institute of education, Beijing Normal University China 15 expert seminars, jointly improve the education level of primary school Ancient Chinese Literature Search.

listening to lectures at the same time, the province more than 500 teachers will be through special training programs, Ancient Chinese Literature Search performances, observe and learn the lesson and lesson teacher show, teacher reports, experience sharing, teacher lectures and other aspects, show each other exchanges around the Ancient Chinese Literature Search teaching experience, lessons and achieve common purpose to improve, among them, nearly 300 Chinese teachers in Chengdong district will be the biggest beneficiary.

It is reported that

, for four or five consecutive years, the organization of Chinese teachers every summer intensive training at all levels of language teachers to enhance Ancient Chinese Literature Search teaching level, and attaches great importance to education connotation development, the majority of schools have launched the "Sanya campus", "Ancient Chinese Literature Search classic school garden", "Scholarly Campus" and other special education brand the creation of the "disciple gauge", "Three Character Classic", "Analects of Confucius", "moral" and other classic Ancient Chinese Literature Search set for school-based curriculum, in Ancient Chinese Literature Search classical education and moral education combined to carry out a useful attempt.


500 teachers to accept classical Chinese training

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