During the National Day golden week, the citizens not only indulged in "repertoire shopping" idle away in seeking pleasure, but also a lot of people of the National Day golden week, which not only brought the "shopping tide", make some store sales record, at the same time, but also makes a lot of people reached saturation mall. October 4th is the fourth day of the National Day golden week, the city’s major shopping malls, supermarkets, passenger traffic continued to rise significantly, a thriving prosperity of buying and selling, then the National Day golden week people are buying?

properties: the most characteristic

type: flags printed on souvenirs

: buy index assumes.

flags printed on small items, a small Tiananmen pendant, beautifully designed, different forms of Chinese elements badges, ornaments…… National day anniversary of the national day of goods to become a touch of bright colors, the public to buy the National Day souvenirs of a wave of enthusiasm than a wave.

"the two ornaments are friends asked me to buy, he had no time to buy National Day. The badge is my favorite, I want to buy a collection of." In Yiwu City, specialized in selling National Day specialty goods store, Miss Lee soon picked up two in Tiananmen flag ornaments and a set of Chinese wind badge sets. Then a woman came to pick a souvenir with her daughter to buy a flag with a key buckle. "She wants to buy it." She said. There is also a company to buy gifts for the gentleman came to the counter, pointing to the National Day souvenir to send people.

properties: the most popular

types: home appliances

: buy index assumes.

"buy appliances, it must wait until the mid autumn National Day golden week, this is the year to buy household appliances the most favorable season, because manufacturers discount, profit sharing, send gifts, draw a lot, if good luck can also take home in a grand prix!" Miss fan said. In the United States due to too many appliances, consumers, sales in three before a TV counter member surrounded by customers, and to buy TV more than and 70 year old Aunt Wang and two daughters on the counter anxiously waiting for sales response. According to the salesman Xiao Zhou introduced, National Day period continuously for consumers to buy, store a lot of recruiting temporary promoters. During the national day, all of our sales staff rushed to battle together, usually two bills at the same time, not enough time to come down one day." Another salesman delighted to say that during the National Day sales of household appliances hot scene. According to her, after the National Day golden week began, home appliance sales have been innovative, and now some of the hot selling products have been sold out, some of the products;

What is the favorite of the long holiday

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