To increase the downward pressure on the economy, the economic situation continues to increase the complexity and severity of the first quarter of 2014, steady start, the city’s economic growth highlights prominent economic indicators higher than the provincial average, ranking in the capital city of the five northwest provinces. The economic and social development in the spring and again full of vitality. Under the GDP market stability, the city’s industry contrarian growth, the service sector has slowed down, one of the key projects under construction, a piece of people’s livelihood landing sound.

– to the development zone and industrial growth contributed. The city’s industrial growth of 9.18 percentage points, to achieve industrial added value of $10 billion 490 million, an increase of 16.5%. Among them, the economic development zone industrial added value of 7 billion 47 million yuan, accounting for the city’s industrial added value of 67.2%.

– meat and milk yield were increased. The city’s 351 thousand and 100 acres of crop cultivation, vegetable cultivation area of 53 thousand and 200 acres, total meat production of 19081 tons, milk, egg production growth.3.93 percentage points of

[digital] analysis of 1-3 months, the city’s investment in fixed assets of 5 billion 849 million yuan, an increase of 27.3%, of which the infrastructure investment of 921 million yuan, up 82.9%. According to the analysis, the total investment in private investment accounted for 67.2%, the main force to support investment growth.

– projects steadily. In the investment guarantee, as of now, the city’s 757 construction projects, comprehensive renovation, Xining Railway Station Road (bridge) and other expensive municipal roads, Salzburg to infrastructure, real estate and other 454 projects in key areas to start building a comprehensive.

– financial backing and strong support. The city’s local public revenue 1 billion 955 million yuan, an increase of 22.9%, the balance of financial institutions loans of $285 billion 282 million, an increase of 20.42%, to ensure that major projects, environmental protection and other key expenditures.

[digital] analysis of city residents per capita disposable income of 5194.5 yuan, an increase of 11.8%; the per capita cash income of farmers 2527.7 yuan, growth;

Xining economic upgrade steady start

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