Reporters from the Ministry of human resources and social security department was informed that this year, our province in-depth implementation of professional and technical personnel of knowledge engineering, professional characteristics, according to the work of professional and technical personnel occupation development and the need to work, the annual training at all levels of personnel urgently needed 51695 people. It is reported that this year the Provincial Department of human resources and social security around the key areas of economic and social development in our province, earnestly organize the research, elaborate design topic, a positive declaration of national advanced training project, provincial senior training project and provincial training project. Through the vigorous implementation of knowledge engineering advanced training project, training has a good quality, excellent service, strong innovation ability, with strong competitiveness of high-level professional and technical personnel for the economic and social development in our province. I have strengthened the much-needed talents training and job training, this year to continue in the key areas of information, biotechnology, environmental protection, energy resources, disaster prevention and mitigation, modern transportation, agricultural science and technology, social work, and electronic commerce, law, accounting, tourism and other modern service industry, to carry out knowledge update and master advanced technology, enhance the technical level as the main content of the much-needed talents training. At the same time, continuing education base base, Qinghai University, Adult Education Institute of Qinghai Normal University and other 10 provincial professional and technical personnel through the national professional and technical personnel, continue to expand education service platform for professional and technical personnel to participate in the study whenever and wherever possible.  

Qinghai training shortage of more than 5 people

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