"how to allow enterprises to win the trust of consumers is the key to the next step, I think, first of all enterprises should be credible and reliable, let the people safe shopping consumption, as clear as noonday"…… Recently, the Xining City Industrial and commercial bureau led the organization of the theme of "consumer rights HuiWanjia Business Forum warm atmosphere, from Xining Bridge Trading Co. Ltd., Gansu kuniyoshi supermarkets and other 21 companies on behalf of positive speech, criticism and suggestions.

it is understood that, in order to fulfill the task of market supervision, maintaining market order, protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers and operators, the city of Xining City Industrial and commercial bureau carried out a series of "consumer rights Huiwanjia activities. Activities to protect consumers’ safety right, right, right, right to choose even bargain as a breakthrough, to carry out the food safety, the campus surrounding environment, meat dish market, "three industry" 8 market special rectification activities, achievements. (author: Sun Hailing Chi Ping Li Qiang)

Xining City ndustrial and commercial consumer rights vanguard activities initial success

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