January 23rd, municipal committee, vice mayor Han Jianhua at the municipal government deputy secretary general Ma Haizhou, city traffic bureau Party Secretary Wei Zhiguo, deputy director, city bus company chairman Yu Jinyuan accompanied by condolences to our city bus taxi industry advanced characters and difficulties of employee representatives. And stressed that, to strengthen confidence, cohesion, enhance the image, maintain the overall situation, to provide more safe, convenient, comfortable, civilized travel environment for the general public and merchants, the Xining bus taxi into the city beautiful movement name card, to build a more prosperous, more beautiful, more livable modern Tibetan Plateau center city to make contributions.

condolences, mayor on behalf of the municipal government to Congress, the national labor model Guo Xiaohua, national moral models, model workers, Cao Qian the courageous and exemplary, Qinghai ten outstanding young Yan Liping and poor workers Li Xing and Lin De Bing send condolences to Kim, and through them to the cadres and workers of the city’s bus taxi the industry said the blessing of the Chinese New year. After listening to the speakers, some leaders of the Municipal Bureau of transportation, the mayor pointed out that 2008 is an extraordinary year, is unforgettable year, Xining city in the correct leadership of the provincial government, the people of all ethnic groups in the city to work hard, do everything possible to overcome all kinds of difficulties in the economic operation, the city’s economic and social development to maintain a steady and rapid growth, to a new level, the annual GDP, fixed asset investment, the local general budget revenue, total retail sales of social consumer goods, per capita disposable income of urban and rural residents have achieved double-digit growth, poverty, health town land acquisition and other work to achieve a breakthrough in the role of Xining in the province’s economic and social situation in a more prominent, for the comprehensive construction of a more prosperous and more beautiful and more livable city center of modern Tibetan Plateau The city has laid a solid foundation. These achievements, but also embodies the majority of bus and taxi industry workers hard work, the municipal government expressed heartfelt thanks, there is also unknown to the public, your dedication and work from dawn to dusk, day in and day out, for the general public to provide a comfortable, convenient and safe service, provides traffic good city transportation guarantee for Xining’s economic and social stable and rapid economic growth.

Mayor Han pointed out that 2009 is the implementation of Scientific Outlook on Development, to deal with the challenges of the financial crisis, go all out to maintain growth, expand domestic demand, promote the development of a year. Continue to maintain steady and rapid growth of economy and society in Xining are our goals, despite the current financial crisis affected countries, and our city is not strong, the people are not rich, the weak market situation, the economic development of our city in the hitherto unknown difficulties and challenges, but we are also facing Qianzai difficult one is the central opportunity, the third Plenary Session of the 17th CPC Central Committee brings the opportunities of the times, for the development of agriculture and rural economy, urban and rural development has brought new opportunities, Xining will accelerate the pace of economic and social development. Two this year, the central government to protect growth, expanding domestic demand, structural adjustment as the main line of economic policy opportunities, the state introduced a series of measures to expand domestic demand and promote economic growth;

Strengthen confidence to enhance the image of the overall situation of the public service to the pub

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