This year, in the case of shrinking domestic cultural products consumer market, the province through going out to participate in various types of fairs, so that sales of cultural products in Qinghai hot, sales hit a new high. This year, the provincial press and publication department organization culture and 211 cultural enterprises in Shenzhen, Xi’an, Xiamen, Beijing and other places held fair and China – Northeast Asia Expo, repeatedly won the outstanding organization award and the best of show award, cultural products sales exceeded ten million yuan, 10 million 462 thousand and 500 yuan, 18 million 144 thousand yuan order, signed intention the agreement of 60 million yuan of funds. In early December, at the ninth Beijing museology, 26 cultural enterprises of the office of Qinghai province organized the exhibition, the characteristics of cultural products sales revenue reached 2 million 796 thousand yuan, 3 million 330 thousand yuan order, sales record in the previous Beijing fair record. In addition to the display of hand-painted Thangka, Thangka filigree, Handmade Tibetan carpets, Kunlun jade, the Yellow River stone art painting, clay sculpture, painting, pottery, leather carving villi and other unique main varieties, but also a new exhibition in Jianzha County, colorful sky Nangqian Tibetan paper and the "soul" of 10 meters long scroll painting, exhibiting a variety of 6000 kinds of. Unique national folk cultural products, so that the Qinghai pavilion has become the most beautiful exhibition hall. Our province culture industry investment project promotion brochure, "beautiful Qinghai" and "the development of cultural industry in Qinghai province" video, national non Heritage Representative inheritors, Qinghai master of Arts and crafts field skills performances attracted many viewers, many merchants optimistic about our province characteristics of cultural products market outlook.  

Qinghai characteristics of cultural products sales unpopular

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