The train station east district community due to the presence of the old district and more difficult to manage, the movement of large, complex factors such as community residents, to know the people, warm people, gather public opinion "as the goal, focus from the heart for the people helping residents, grief and solve the sufferings of the masses and maintain social stability, harmony and stability of the community the residents live and work in peace.

is not alone lonely empty nest hollow


in the community Empty Nester and elderly number, community elders as an important measure to contact and serve the masses. The elderly Zhu Yuhua was seriously ill, the community offered to take care of her responsibilities, to take care of her daily life, died when her death; Duan Yazhen perennial elderly living alone, when the elderly physical discomfort, community cadres received a phone call after the first time to the home, take the old man to the Hospital; at the same time, community cadres and the working party regularly to the area Empty Nester home cleaning, help to buy daily necessities, regularly to the nursing home to visit the area "three noes old Chi Xizhu, Liu Chengshan.

the poor people and solve the warmth of

The actual

in the area of bankrupt enterprises, Qilian Mountains daily chemical copper Jiashuyuan no property, community owners committee set up in two families of the election, and in the property management personnel, to solve the masses of non residential property issues, ensure the safety of residential area and environmental health; community ordination for the project, for the area in the old residential district to install bodybuilding equipment 52; the community has 162 poverty-stricken ethnic minority families apply for the minimum living guarantee, to declare the low rent housing for 58 households and families of ethnic minorities; often area life difficult for the cult personnel, emancipist visited condolences and sent condolences to Kim and other items of daily life.

to resolve disputes to safeguard national unity


community with "disputes the visit, investigation, mediation" special action, efforts to solve the difficult problems and hot disputes affecting national unity and social harmony etc.. 4 Sichuan nationality area in the Tibetan compatriots to buy a car in Xining in February 14th, will stop the car in the area of the family home in the village (in parking fees), two days after the Tibetan compatriots ready to drive home, found the car body was scratched. The community after that, comprehensive management office staff in a timely manner to the dispute mediation scene, through community mediation personnel and residential property after repeated communication, the stakes give a detailed explanation, the final thing has been resolved and properly resolve the disputes affecting national unity.

comments listened to the voice of the people to do practical things

in the development of educational practice to seek advice and suggestions, the community received a reflection of the construction of the Qinghai Tibet Railway in the construction of two Lane Lane residents travel difficult problem, the first time will be;

The poor people out not to engage in superfluous
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