for players from Qinghai Wanjia game scene (left).

July 24th, the 2012 national climbing competition the first station of Xining race start, the game is the most influential and authoritative climbing competitions, therefore, attracted 19 teams from all over the country, bringing together 42 top domestic Master rock climbing circles, many world-class master speed which represents the highest the level of the domestic rock climbing.

by the Chinese Mountaineering Association, the Qinghai Provincial Sports Bureau, the provincial mountaineering management center. The competition is divided into men and women speed and difficulty, the national ranking in the top 30 climbers all together in Xining, including the world speed record holder Zhong Qixin, Pan Xuhua, and other masters of all to attend the scene. It is noteworthy that the two men from Qinghai’s female athlete Hu Jiaojiao, representing China University of Geosciences, Xi’an Physical Education University Wanjia Mountaineering Association to participate in the tournament, which is with the climbing competition in our province continue to hold, more and more local players appeared on rock, the sport popularity in our province has played a positive role. The venue was once again praised by the Chinese Mountaineering Association, which is considered to be the best preparation, the most experienced and the best environment in the world. At the same time, this game is also the 2012 Guide World Cup rock climbing warm-up match, the game set a total bonus of 6 million 60 thousand yuan. On the day of the men and women is difficult and the speed of the preliminaries and semi-finals, today is the final, more exciting will appear in the final. (author: Ge Wenrong)


The first national rock climbing competition starts in Xining

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