since April, Qinghai Telecom Xining branch of the government and broadband, the transformation of the three market space, increase the Biznavigator series packages and key industries to promote the application and development efforts, and for the first quarter of Biznavigator package, system support and acceptance specification, open business training and other aspects of improving and adjusting constantly, promote better the Biznavigator business development contract. Especially in the March to April period, enterprise customers to give up holidays time concentrated successively in Beishan, Huangshuihe building materials wholesale market, victory road electronic market, commodity market more than ten cluster marketing Biznavigator package business, greatly improve the signing amount. As of April 27th, the pilot package business contract volume reached 2376, of which the signing of the contract in March, in April signed a contract of 1320 households, the development of the package business has steadily improved, initial success in.

, according to the analysis of the business pilot packages of users and revenue analysis, which accounted for 93% of the amount of communication version of the contract, and the signing of the user groups are mostly clustered market and street pavement users. At the same time to promote the signing of communication packages of PHS subscribers and revenue growth, the overall cost of the package for users is increasing, stimulating effect on income growth, to save the surge. (author: Zhou Shengjun)


Qinghai Telecom Xining branch business pilot package signing steadily increased

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