types of entrepreneurial groups in china. Weifang City, Linqu County, when carrying out business support, focusing on the disabled entrepreneurs, by early career training and mentor to help disabled self employment.

in the typical leading demonstration, more and more people with disabilities has taken the pace of entrepreneurship. According to statistics, in recent years, in the county CDPF’s assistance, the county has a total of more than 180 people with disabilities to achieve their own businesses, self-reliance, poverty onto the road. 4 disabled persons were rated as provincial and municipal entrepreneurship entrepreneurial model, rich hotshot.


for the disabled special endowment, Linqu county actively support the development of special art, cultivate the disabled arts and culture brand, to boost the sustainable development of the cause of the disabled, so that the majority of people with disabilities in the economic development in backward, in the well-off road behind. At present, the county to build the disabled employment base 13, driven by the more than and 600 recommended

Entrepreneurship policy to do the wings of entrepreneurs with disabilities

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