Reporters from the Ministry of human resources and social security department was informed that, as of the end of July this year, the province’s urban employment 44936 people, the province’s public employment service agencies and personnel registration of college graduates employment and entrepreneurship has 3603 people, 2774 people, the employment rate of 77%.

– entrepreneurship to employment growth faster

with the commercial system reform, continue to improve policies to support entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship loan guarantee fund to increase investment and Haidong city and Delingha City, city of Yushu to create entrepreneurial activities and the province’s first entrepreneurship competition started, and further stimulate the entrepreneurial enthusiasm of the people. Under the influence of the public entrepreneurship, people’s innovation environment, entrepreneurship and employment effect. In particular, the electricity supplier Internet plus other emerging industry employment effect is obvious. According to the analysis of the business incubator in Xining enterprises, more than 60% of the college students’ entrepreneurship through e-commerce, Internet plus etc.. January to July, the province’s entrepreneurial employment 9623 people, an increase of 9.17% over the same period last year.

– resource employment growth decline in hairThe most obvious is the

This year there are 22 thousand college graduates job hunting

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