a variety of holidays are the major stores in our country hot sales time, however, once these holidays after the past, many shops business will be very bleak. In fact, in the quality of goods, the price of homogenization of today, a street in the size of the supermarket "blossom everywhere", the three step two step of a large supermarket, a small supermarket, our retailers to win more customers to provide quality and convenient services for customers.

The specific performance of

services: first, to provide customers with high-quality products, to achieve quality of service, genuine goods at a fair price; second, the moment from the customer into the store, we should pay attention to their service attitude, first let the customer feel you in his very respect, and customer trust for retailers.

especially our retailers through the "double" sales peak of hard labor, purchase, sellers, have been tired. But after a prosperous business during the festival, the face of the festival to shop occasionally "minor", it is certainly not before the high interest in the store is very busy during the holiday season, the service will be discounted, good business services are poor, not to mention the festival.

do holiday service, but also a prerequisite for our good business. After the festival itself is relatively deserted business, store a lot of goods are customers can buy things can not buy, we do not reach the retail customer service work in place, it is difficult to make customer satisfaction, bring better business.

so, after the holiday season, more services should grasp, realistically, with a warm smile, and better service to win customers, do post service grasp, to promote sales of high standard. Don’t look at small business people caused no interest to the customer watches, ignore, neglect the customer’s heart, will be more cold in our shop business.

care, if we are customers, to the retail store to buy things, Zhang boss, hurriedly greet, tea chair, Li Jia old Niang, sitting in the shop still ignore the board face, we will choose a store to buy goods next time? In today’s era of fierce competition, who is certainly good service attitude to who to spend.

should be aimed at the holiday season, we also need to do a good job to enhance the overall image of the store business opportunities, to provide customers with warm and thoughtful service. Because fewer customers after the festival, the customer every time shopping is also very small, our retail service is also more relaxed, more targeted, the customer will be more satisfied with the impression of our retail households will be more profound.

but, if our service attitude is like during the festival, in the course of time, a bad impression on customers for publicity, a mass ten, ten hundred, the retailer is not a good thing. The customer’s impression of our store is good or bad

After the holiday season to attract customers with quality service

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