in Datong, Shanxi, during the Spring Festival held a lantern festival with local characteristics, to bring people a new way of entertainment, attracting tens of thousands of people come to visit. 2016 Chinese Datong ancient festival "with unique charm to attract tourists from Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Mongolia, Shaanxi and other places, the ancient city of lights and integration, create a magnificent festive atmosphere.

Lantern Festival with "Datong celebration, lanterns will be good dream" as the theme, more than a hundred large group of traditional lanterns, modern sound and Light Lantern set in the wall of the ancient city of Datong, also introduced the 3D dream light show, and the show, folk opera performances, theme photography and other rich and colorful activities, Datong City bright night light create a colorful nightlife, the ancient capital of the United States, show the beauty of Datong blend of traditional and modern beauty, harmonious beauty and humanistic history.

in Datong City Wall south, East, north of the city wall, more than 5000 meters of colorful River, the ancient city of Datong was particularly magnificent. Colorful lantern festival and related folk activities, so that visitors to experience the unique charm of the ancient capital of Datong, enjoy the joy of the New Year Festival peace.

the Lantern Festival is a cultural and creative activities of Datong "winter action", the city in the "concentric with the development of Datong" concept inspired by the first breakthrough in cultural tourism industry development in the city, promote Datong City "live fire", let the people share the fruits of development.

to create everyone loves the Lantern Festival, so that people feel the characteristics of Shanxi Datong folk, but also with the strong flavor of the Spring Festival, to bring a different 2017. It is understood that during the Spring Festival holiday, Datong received a total of 904 thousand and 900 tourists, tourism revenue of $286 million 258 thousand and 700.

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Datong held special lantern festival attracts thousands of tourists

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