the number of thousands of smokers, want to succeed in smoking, naturally also need to use the tools of ignition, the traditional match is not only inconvenient and dangerous, lighter began to be accepted by more and more people. 1823, Germany was the first cigarette lighter. Since then, it has been widely accepted and welcomed by people all over the world. Now, the lighter is loving friends must carry cigarettes, design quality lighter and its unique ingenuity limited collection style often has the precious collection value. Here is to introduce the list of the top ten lighter brands.

ten lighter brand rankings NO1- Givenchy GIVENCHY

was founded in twentieth Century by Givenchy (GIVENCHY) is one of the most performance character and temperament of the brand. Fashion, Givenchy of perfection and "simplified elegance" pursuit, impressive. By virtue of the tradition of respect and classical prayer, Givenchy to convey to the world a message — noble elegant and pleasant.

with Givenchy (GIVENCHY) grade of the continuous extension of the lighter launch also become another elegant concept. 4 " G" the deformation of the letter combination, making it synonymous with elegant taste. Have a lighter Givenchy and pen, will make you on any occasion inadvertently showing a grace and refreshing good noble beauty.

ten cigarette brands NO2-Cartire Cartire

Louis-FrancoisCartier launched his first cigarette lighter in 1867, designed for the Paris world exhibition. Cartire, the king of Edward VII, known as the "emperor’s jewelers, jewelers emperor" of the famous brand, in more than 150 years, created a lot of dazzling wonderful works. These works, not only the creation of jewelry watches boutique, but also has a high value in the arts, it is worth pondering, often due to the celebrity, and was cast a layer of legendary.

from the great necklace Prince of India custom, to have the tiger shaped glasses and the Duchess of Windsor often go hand in hand, and the great scholar Cocteau is of symbols of the College France saber, Cartire tells a story in our two loop blink Cartire art field is expanding, its products in addition to jewelry watches. Including leather, perfume, writing instruments, scarves, glasses, lighters, its classic status survive.

ten cigarette brands list NO3-S.T.Dupont

1948 Dupont focused on the design and production of a

Ten lighter brand rankings

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