with the economic level of modern people constantly improve, now many people have paid great attention to the decoration, Lianfeng floor is people trust the brand, pay attention to the quality of the floor Lianfeng headquarter, continuous innovation, the rapid occupation of the consumer market.

Lianfeng floor

green citizen action common ecosystem

at 9:30 in the morning, green national rare citizen action protection activities and the third Anhui Anqing Caizi Lake wetland bird watching Festival ceremony officially began, as of 2011 by the United Nations Environment Programme, the State Forestry Bureau and Chinese green foundation co sponsored a series of green civic action, "green civil action" through the down to earth activities, called on the community of government, enterprises and individuals to pay attention to the ecological environment, bring more people to participate in the protection of the ecological environment. Anhui Anqing Caizi Lake wetland bird watching festival held a series of activities, in order to let more people know about wetland birds, we cherish, enhance awareness of wetland environment, love birds, to participate in the protection of birds, wetland protection, work to protect the environment. At the same time, organized by the Anqing Caizi Lake wetland bird watching festival every year, nurture and build the Caizi Lake "wetland birds, and natural" brand, expand and promote rapeseed Lake Wetland in Anhui and even the country’s visibility and influence.

guardian of ecological homeland Lianfeng is always on the road

joined the Lianfeng floor? Chinese solid wood flooring alliance as the consumption of forest resources enterprises, since its inception, has been keen to public welfare activities, promote the concept of green development, has hosted and participated in the "adoption of the world natural heritage Kaiping towers", "Earth Hour", "global forest declaration" and many other public welfare activities, aims to agree efforts of all members, called on the industry to protect forest resources, protect environment, promote the whole society and the sustainable and healthy development of the industry.

Lianfeng floor

Chinese as executive chairman of alliance of solid wood flooring, China flooring industry leader, leadership, leading brand, glory 33 years has always been to "create a Lianfeng grade for the faith, the" home "is too broad and broad sense. In Lianfeng’s belief, we have a common home, only to protect the ecological homeland, in order to build healthy home safe harbor. Therefore, whether it is technical innovation or product development has always been to "green Lianfeng development" for the purpose, especially the new products in recent years "shocked the whole house 3600 floors, in addition to aldehyde" health food grade "net aldehyde Kang" healthy floor at the forefront of technology market, the China floor Market up a healthy the idea of a new upsurge of a new generation of consumer!

now is the preferred brand floor Lianfeng people. "

Lianfeng floor of highlights – join

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