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What is the taste of soup

King’s practice, a lot of friends want to do it yourself can make the original King soup delicious, but do not know the original soup King practice, never mind, Xiaobian to answer the following small share of simple flavor soup practices the king, I hope you love.

original soup King’s practice

original soup king from Chaozhou, with delicate features, not greasy, do not get angry, to health as a concept, pay attention to nutrition health food for friends, what is the flavor of the soup Wang approach? Please look at here.

The practice steps are as follows:

original soup king

, stock production; steel drums with boiling water, boiled water add bone water burns, after the fire to boil, turn a small fire, and cook for 3 hours. Add salt and ingredients and secret ingredients. Spare。

two, sesame oil production, with blending oil, and secret ingredients processing. Increased fresh and fragrant.

three, bacon production, with special material, the meat, sausage and other Rice-meat dumplings, marinated spare.

four, prepared iron powder, iron powder poured into the bowl, add a little soup for meat, sesame oil, boil, pour hot powder bowl, add onions, lettuce, a bowl of flour produced.

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The original soup King – what are the steps how to practice

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