with the development of the education industry, the market is now a lot of after-school hosting classes, if you want to start hosting classes, the location of the need to pay attention to what principles? Xiao Bian for us to do a detailed introduction.

investment in the education industry is a good choice, and today, the need for more after-school hosting, professional after-school agencies continue to emerge, how to choose the class after class? And now you want to expand their business, some after the commencement of hosting stores to understand some elements of everyone! Many of the elements in this site link to cause the operator’s attention, then, after the commencement of the franchise to novice managed what is to keep the location rule? Xiaobian detailed analysis to the next.

novice classes after hosting the franchise, before selecting shop location, we must first clear the source where? Then shops location must pay attention to the people around traffic, traffic conditions and the surrounding residents and units, after-school hosting classes to join what location? Contribute to the accumulation of popularity of the lot to attract the attention of the franchisee after school.

novice to know a reason for the popularity of the region is more conducive to the development of the class, how to choose the site? And the new development area of the city, the population of the area residents less Xiling is not suitable for hosting after the commencement of the franchise, although sometimes set up shop in the new area, should pay attention to the problem of students.

now after the start of the custody of the store should also pay attention to the cost of rent, how to choose the class after class? Different geographical conditions, traffic conditions, the store structure of the building, there will be a lot of rent, rent price ratio, through data analysis and analysis.

competition in the education market is becoming more and more fierce, the surrounding environment is constantly changing and developing. How to choose the class after class? For the development of an after-school care franchise, the new site should be selected with commercial development potential. The competitive advantage in the region, after a certain period of time are profitable in to ensure.

the above is about the after-school hosting classes to join the location principle needs attention, hope this to a lot of attention, a clear understanding of these location principles, nature can choose a shop location ideal in a short period of time.

Join in after-school hosting classes to comply with the principle of location – the whole of

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