believes that many young people are aware of VR, it gives people’s lives a lot of fun, people can see the power of science and technology. Held in Shenzhen the 2017 share of the global CITE VR/AR application developer summit, Shenzhen virtual reality Industry Association executive president Tan Yiguo said: "the ‘VR’ first appeared in a variety of difficulties and noise, VR manufacturers should" Baotuan heating "".

2016 VR industry did not achieve the expected outbreak, some VR companies too eager for quick success and instant benefit, will not mature products to the market, leading to a certain degree of consumer conflict psychology. This also indirectly led to a variety of difficulties, especially in the second half of the emergence of more noise." Tan Yiguo said.

reporter found in a digital mall is located in Shenzhen Huaqiang North, VR hardware price from tens of dollars to a thousand dollars, most of the VR box price is about 100 yuan or less, some were used as promotional gifts. Merchants told reporters that many VR box cost price of about 10 yuan. A number of start-up companies brand VR box, but also directly from these manufacturers ordering and oem.

according to the reporter, in April 2016, Huaqiang North sold selling models VR glasses is a profit of 10 yuan, to October, profit has dropped to less than 1 yuan. Market competition is close to saturation, VR industry into the era of small profits. AI media consulting in the report pointed out that some of the low price of domestic VR products cottage, homogenization serious, which is one of the reasons for the poor user experience.

a lot of children in the mall can see a variety of VR products, can not help but want to experience, so that people on the ground, much better. Expected to 2020, the global AR/VR market size will reach $150 billion, of which China will account for more than half the size of the market. He called on the industry, at the crucial moment to hold together to fight the world, do not be so short-sighted grab VR fast food, to invest more manpower and material resources, the construction of VR talent base for the VR industry reserves and transport all kinds of talent."

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