not only easy, but also according to the local part of the more scientific design, so that the whole house decoration effect is better, because of this, custom home began to become more and more people’s choice. Custom home concept as early as a few years ago has been popular in the industry, with the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, custom home industry has gradually replaced the finished furniture into people’s lives. Many custom Home Furnishing brand stores in quietly at an alarming increase in the number of nationwide expansion, as the saying goes, "Like attracts like., Birds of a feather flock together". Custom home so fire, custom home which brand is good? Quickly with small series to see the top ten custom home brand list!

ten custom home brand list NO.1.SOGAL Sophia

began in 1981 in France, the classic Venetian wardrobe series fame in the custom wardrobe taintedchinese listed company focused on R & D / custom closet and supporting custom Home Furnishing production / sales.

ten custom home brand NO.2. Holike Holike

whole house custom ten brands, Guangdong famous brand, original custom home brand, is committed to the development of the field of custom home high-tech enterprises, Guangzhou Holike creative home Limited by Share Ltd.

ten custom Home Furnishing brand ranking NO.3. LuxeHome delivery

first proposed the whole house furniture customization service, the whole chain of institutions to introduce a new Home Furnishing custom digital technology and unique marketing model, Guangzhou Luxuries delivery Home Furnishing Limited by Share Ltd.

ten custom Home Furnishing brand ranking NO.4.KEFAN Ke fan

house custom Home Furnishing leader, service innovation / product integration / brand chain customization Home Furnishing live operators to " custom five star " reputation the industry, Foshan city Home Furnishing Ke fan products Co. ltd..

ten custom home brand NO.5. BELLE EBERY

all home style custom home brand, a typical British style fashion wardrobe brand design, the original state of the wood plate series of well-known market, Foshan Tang Minghan Home Industry Co., ltd..

ten custom home brand NO.6. ONMUSE ONMUSE

professional R & D / production / sales of the overall wardrobe of a large comprehensive enterprise, home market influence brand, China environmental labeling products, Guangzhou ONMUSE Furniture Co., Ltd.

Ten custom Home Furnishing brand rankings

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