is now all over the country are actively promoting entrepreneurship activities, at the same time, the whole society now entrepreneurial activities have become very common in Bozhou, the financial industry has launched a variety of initiatives, helping people to entrepreneurship.

8 18, the reporter learned from the Anhui banking regulatory bureau, since this year, the financial industry of Bozhou city actively implement public entrepreneurship, innovation policy, innovation service mode and varieties, take measures to help public entrepreneurship. As of the end of 6, the city’s banking industry to support a total of 23 thousand and 900 people, the cumulative issuance of entrepreneurial loans of $6 billion 722 million this year, an increase of $616 million, the bank has accumulated more than $239 million, driven by employment of 51 thousand and 800 people.

to alleviate the mortgage shortage, the banking industry in Bozhou vigorously promote the individual industrial and commercial households guaranteed loans, "company + farmer" loans, small business loan, insurance guarantee loans, according to the characteristics of entrepreneurial start   "entrepreneurial music", the re employment of small loans, personal business loans, micro credit for young entrepreneurs other loan products, meet the credit needs of different business groups. ICBC Bozhou branch in Bozhou modern Chinese Medicine Industry Park launched   "business standard workshop of mortgage loans, to support individual drug and Small and micro businesses grow.

The entrepreneurial process


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Bozhou’s financial industry to take measures to help entrepreneurs

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