entrepreneurship can be supported by the government, the success rate is greatly improved, the choice of government support for the project investment, the broader prospects. The whole network inventory of 5 2015 government support venture projects in rural areas for you!

1, handmade delicacy

in financial support, migrant workers license complete housing property, equipment, consumer durable goods and intangible assets and securities are registered trademarks, patents as against (quality) collateral for loans to financial institutions. And to explore the transfer of land management rights, commercial forest rights, rural housing, agricultural production houses as collateral for migrant workers entrepreneurship loans.

2, ecological farming

Planting and breeding

the energy foundation as a non-profit organization, is committed to changing the policy environment, the environment and new energy business projects can be more smoothly. But the wages of energy and other aspects are relatively secure. We believe that we have a technical solution to the energy and environmental problems that we face, but with good policies, we can make these solutions work on a large scale and encourage more innovation and technology

5 rural entrepreneurship projects supported by the government in 2015

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