entrepreneurship at the beginning of not too much money, most people will take the form of partnership entrepreneurship, family or friends to start a business together. However, this process must pay attention to the four principles. The following is a specific introduction, with small series to see it!

note: the establishment of a partnership business cooperation between trust

due to a partner at the early stage of the cooperation, cooperation in love! Put some of the details of the cooperation are fuzzy, this approach is not correct, such a problem arises, not a fundamental solution to attack each other, leaving a pile of mess, can only be solved depending on their moral and friendship! The cooperation between friends and relatives should be established on the basis of business, with a commercial solution to resolve disputes, to avoid disputes, all the details of cooperation are early prevention, clear in advance! All contracts! Create a good platform for cooperation!

cooperation process of friction

Four considerations of partnership Entrepreneurship

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