in general impression, as long as the product is defective, it must be recognized by the market, not by consumers in that case, ultimately only one end, is out of the market, in fact, is not necessarily defective quickly out of the market, let us look at the following!

recently used Lida home total wide love wrong, and it is regular, specific performance in intermittent disconnection, after a successful login, but not the Internet, most of the time, the speed is very slow. And when something goes wrong, there is no prior notice. This shows that the company’s technical capacity is weak, both can not ensure the stability of the network, not to mention the problem of control of the network may be the most likely to be led by their own system.

first, quality is not willing to provide services, sometimes some quality may think a market does not have enough appeal, or enter the cost is too high, profits, or their own strength is difficult to reach longer, so eventually gave up some of the market.

the defective have unique resources, set up barriers to entry, leading to other products can not enter. In terms of broadband service providers, such as the establishment of a strategic partnership with residential property to resist other broadband access. Residential owners can only have such a choice. But in the end has been established, it is not easy to say, but this is a possibility.

Third, defective through the price means to pay to win some consumer groups, low price, small profits, profit margins, also do not have what funding to improve the technology and service. It is often difficult to be a good quality product, most of which end in the death, but for the creation of such inferior people, most of the time to earn a sum of money, may still be a lot of money. Basin overflow bowl full, know sooner or later, the problem, run away, let stall to the new entry of defective providers to maintain.

the majority in the market are defective, has been inundated with high quality products, or no high-quality goods, we all have problems, are engaged in counterfeiting, to confuse the market, just want to make a vote to evacuate. This time there is no way, consumers can only temporarily buy defective, may eventually be one or two horse through some new means of reshaping the market, and the horse or the National Cheng Kung University, big industry, either by peers or spoof of death; public institutions the market back, reforming regulation >

Defective products do not necessarily quickly withdraw from the market

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