is now the business of cleaners in the overall life is very hot, and there are a lot of people are doing laundry ideas, now want to successfully operate a dry cleaning shop, in fact often take many steps.

Second, main washing. Place the pre treated clothes in a dry cleaning machine and wash them thoroughly with a dry cleaning solvent.

Third, postprocessing, the main purpose is to remove the residual solvent and dry cleaning clothes ironing and shaping.


is going on?

some in the dry cleaning industry more mature enterprises, the operation mode and supporting equipment relatively complete, the use of their own resources to attract franchisees, franchisees and realize their win-win pattern.

from cost considerations, suggest that you take a taxi or buy second-hand machine washing machine mode of operation, it can reduce the cost.

some of the common faults and solutions of

A: why the accident button appears more and more fragmented


problem: a standard button jacket after two times of conventional dry cleaning, a few buttons appear broken. Dry cleaning is carried out on the basis of the maintenance label.

reason: button used plastic can not withstand dry cleaning cycle in a conventional and repeated impact force of rotor cage wall.

Dry cleaners to join the recommended skills

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