prices continued to rise, many people have to buy to restrain their desire, can only continue to work hard for a few years as an excuse to comfort his heart. Now the high prices, not only difficult to sell the housing, commercial housing is also a lot of inventory. So, how to Fujian commercial housing inventory?

yesterday, the Fujian province to promote the supply side of the overall structural reform program (2016-2018), published in full. How to carry out the work of the next three years, the provincial government has given a specific approach, which accounted for a considerable amount of commercial housing inventory. According to the plan, by 2018, the province’s commercial housing inventory than the end of 2015 to reduce the size of about 20% square meters, that is to dissolve the inventory of 15 million square meters.

"plan" in clear, housing prices rose too fast to second tier hot city to take targeted measures to restrain land prices rising too fast, there will be no new policies to encourage the purchase of housing; and inventory quantity, to the long period of the three or four line of the city and county, in the implementation of the first suite and improve the purchase basis housing credit preferential tax policy, support the development of reasonable housing consumption preferential policies for the purchase of new commercial housing according to the deed tax paid reward. 2016-2018 years, the province plans to further optimize the structure of housing supply, focusing on the development of small Taoxing housing.

in today’s prices rising, there are so many people in the crazy house, small really doubt everyone’s money is not "papyrus", or is everyone’s ability is really too strong! But there are still a lot of people to face the rapid rise in house prices, house prices face to commercial housing inventory plan, we will see the relevant units of the next step.

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Fujian commercial housing inventory