football is an international movement, at the same time, now the domestic football is also of concern in recent years, the domestic is in the development of China football career, yesterday in the cup final, it produced a new four.

19, China Henan Jianye home court in the FA Cup against the defending champion Shandong Luneng 1 / 4 finals, the two sides in 90 minutes into 1: 1, the penalty shootout Jianye team the ball hit the post, the ball was saved, eventually, Shandong Luneng with 5: 3 semi-finals.

history record from both sides and the strength of speaking, the defending champion Shandong is an advantage, but Henan Jianye home court with   "all against tyranny" of the title, so this game is definitely a tough battle for Shandong luneng.

in the Chinese Cup final, in fact, the competition is very fierce, at the same time, also let us see the recommended

The FA Cup semi-final decide Shanghai green team performance

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