entrepreneurship is not a smooth road. Reporters in the interview, some young people want to start a business, their purpose is very simple, that is, in order to earn more money to improve their lives. They see entrepreneurship as a gold rush. Although this is the

LangleySteinert is a continuous entrepreneur, is now the founder and CarGurus.com of CEO. He has experienced a number of entrepreneurship, but also very aware of entrepreneurship in addition to the passion is commendable, entrepreneurs must step into the wilderness before this, you need to consider a few things. LangleySteinert shared 4 real life experiences to help early entrepreneurs.


LangleySteinert in the first to create the CarGurus.com and another company had failed in other people’s money, he made product manager at the Lotus Research Center, in which he has personally developed software experience. At that time, he had just graduated from business school, and many of his classmates went to Goldman Sachs and McKinsey to earn a lot of money. LangleySteinert is engaged in this rather modest job, and the salary is equivalent to the product manager assistant.

LangleySteinert believes that he will make mistakes in the entrepreneurial path, but he suggested that the best way to learn from the experience of other people’s money. LangleySteinert believes his experience in Lotus helped him form the point of view of Create Company.

2, enterprise must have the correct />

Real life experiences help guide you in your early career

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