in our lives, although many people can not afford to buy a house, but there are a lot of people have a lot of houses, but also to buy investment and so on. Following the China Banking Regulatory Commission prohibited bank financial funds to enter the field of real estate, the Shanghai Stock Exchange (hereinafter referred to as the "Shanghai") clear Real Estate Company debt shall be the purchase of land, the central bank Shanghai headquarters 3 days issued "on the practical implementation of the Shanghai City real estate regulation spirit to promote the orderly operation of real estate financial market (hereinafter referred to as the" resolution "resolution"), maintain the real estate financial market order.

in the Industrial Bank (601166, shares) (16.480, 0, 0%) chief economist Lu political commissar, the central bank Shanghai headquarters as the industry department, especially as regulators, in Shanghai six introduced before the full moon reiterated that the property control policies, is equivalent to the enhanced version of local policy "".

interview was informed that the current number of banks in the head office level has been on the real estate business strict access, strengthen risk control or strict implementation of local regulatory policy, the spirit of communication.

many people in the industry said in an interview with this reporter, strict control of various types of funds, such as illegal access to credit, for the land market cooling down fire is necessary. The resolution is also likely to become a place to strengthen the regulation of the property market from the financial sector, the first shot".

strict control housing prices financing

Two meeting of the Politburo

7 in April and October are referred to the inhibition of the asset bubble, the second is a direct refinement to the monetary policy, "while maintaining reasonably adequate liquidity at the same time, pay attention to curb asset bubbles and prevent economic and financial risks".

in the industry view, in the case of a lot of housing prices have been trying to get in the background, strict control of land transaction funding sources, to better reduce the risk of the entire real estate industry.

fact, a line of three will be in the financial sector for the regulation of the property market is constantly overweight. The CBRC released in late October three quarter economic and financial situation analysis, the meeting pointed out the need to strengthen the investment management of financial management funds, bank financing funds is strictly prohibited to enter the field of real estate; strengthen the real estate trust business compliance management. The Shanghai Stock Exchange and at the end of October, issued "on the trial of the real estate industry overcapacity, corporate bonds regulatory classification of the letter", is clear about the real estate enterprise bonds to raise funds for the purchase of land shall not be.

the central bank’s headquarters in Shanghai, the resolution is the first local financial sector regulation of the property market upgrade, thereby further strengthening the supervision of commodity housing land transaction funding sources.

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