working for other people can do for a lifetime, it is impossible to have the day really get rich, only yourself, your own boss, can be re energized, a! Therefore, the wave of returning home to start a burst of high! What do you want to do? May wish to take a look at!

integrated services sundry goods shop

service in rest

countrybuying, generally in the fields, the fixed building is hard to find, can be considered a temporary cover simple bamboo shed, area large enough to. Prepare some tables and chairs, specializing in tea drinks and simple meals, and provide good service to the masses of the transaction. As long as the service attitude is good, clean health. During the acquisition period, it is difficult to recover the cost and have a surplus.

in short

growers to thousands of households. Comparative dispersion. Each situation is different. Some people from the market close to home sellers easier or more strong labor. They sell themselves to the market. Some growers home from the market to the market far, not willing to sell. Some growers traffic inconvenience, the village is not easy. Children and people working in the field, the old man home sellers is not convenient and so on, this is not the only one.

because the city process intensified, more and more people to return home, to see the great changes in my hometown, see the home market continues to expand, home business, has become a new trend, a trend which cannot be halted!


What do you want to do

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