for a store development, take a proper name is a very important thing, because of this, many owners in order to attract consumers, a lot of the birth of shocking name. Among them, there is a name that in the vicinity of the HeFei Railway Station: "the worst hotel", finally let the hotel business really become a "worst".

Chinese people are very particular about their work, especially in the name. Both names, names or names, is a good sign of stress. However, there are always some people do not like some of these stores according to the common sense of the cards, others are not commonly used to pick, do not look good when the name of the signboard. In a small alley opposite the HeFei Railway Station found a company called "the worst hotel" shops, fast food shop inflatedinto hotel that returned to their own label on the "worst" hat, the shop as the name business really quite bad.

shop opened in the train station opposite the alley, a large group of stalls, green decoration, clean store environment for shop looks particularly conspicuous. Perhaps the boss does not want to highlight the decoration of excellence, creative to store a unique name – the worst hotel. Such a rich creativity, so unconventional way, so the tension of the name, it seems that it is difficult to look inconspicuous.

but don’t look down upon the worst hotel, shop, meal variety is complete, cooking, cooking, Hot pot everything than fellow chicken and other surrounding the hotel dishes type ifheavier. Not only that the store is listed 24H business, go with the KFC, the same way as the villagers sleepless. This can not help but make people want much ask, so bad business is open 24 hours, not afraid to waste electricity? Will the clerk not sleep in the middle of the night? Of course, it is not really closed all day, and no one seriously concerned about.

in addition, the store also wrote a short and pithy side for their antithetical couplet on the left and the right door, on the "shift price", the second line is "star treatment" Hengpi "worst hotel". On price, store and shift is not much difference. Cooking in 7 to 12 yuan, the highest cooking pot is not more than 50 yuan, the price of food stalls "would no ground for blame. As for the "star treatment" it depends, in turn, can not see the star welcome, also didn’t see enthusiastic waiter, the tea is not, presumably this star treatment non ordinary people can enjoy.

shop door is "business" signs are still in the wind around the shop still desolate. In fact can not blame the boss did not carefully, in a group of street stalls in a decent hotel is a good intention, but want to learn to stand head and shoulders above others "before" do ", a happy little name perhaps more than children from the lower figure to be more in line with the modern aesthetic. Otherwise, even if customers want to consume, see "most"

The worst hotel shocking name not recognized

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