many well-known brand products although almost do not have to do promotions, sales have been very good, however, the product price is almost the market, which earned only modest price, want to earn big profits is not easy. Therefore, for countless cosmetics store, will be into some of the well-known brands of products, however, how to open the market for these products has become a difficult thing.

from the practice in recent years, the sale of cosmetic products in cosmetics stores ignore. In addition to the individual area, individual time, individual species lead to the popular commodity proportion increase, in general, the contribution rate of sales of supplies less than 2%.

I had on the daily necessities in the cosmetics store sales dilemma has been investigated. In the research process, the author asked why not accept the customer the cosmetics store clerk recommended the purchase of Head and Shoulders, and other well-known brands of cosmetic products, more than 90% of customers think the price is definitely more expensive. But in fact, most customers did not see the price. Asked why do not accept the clerk recommended to buy non well-known brands of daily products, the vast majority of customers said that the quality is not assured.

it seems that the cosmetics store to solve supplies sales problem, need to focus on three issues: first, PEG supplies the overall sales and staff salaries; second, brand cosmetic product price problem; third, the quality of non brand cosmetic products. Among them, the first problem can be solved by adjusting the performance evaluation program, second problems can be solved by POP and the third problem requires a process.

from the author’s practical experience, the cosmetics store can be used as a variety of commonly used low-cost small non brand cosmetic products, "vanguard", let the customer experience of non brand cosmetic products with low cost, and can avoid the free use of the low rate of.

2012 in September, a cosmetics store to introduce a number of well-known brands of daily chemical products, the sales price is about 80% of the same specifications of well-known brands, the gross margin of about 65%. The chain has developed promotional policies and incentives, and the focus of the display in the cosmetics store, but the sales situation is not optimistic. More than and 100 regulations, the daily sales of less than 100 million, resulting in the loss of sales staff enthusiasm and confidence.

to change this situation, the store owner took the following two steps:

1, choose cheap hand cream as the entry point.

keep the original "first or the highest bidder price, lowest second or 90 percent off promotion policy unchanged, the original display unchanged, the original incentive policy unchanged. In view of this time has gradually autumn, the weather is dry, the person responsible for the mobilization of all the key recommendations

How to open the market of non – famous brand products

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